August 28th – Train Home From London

My first post on the way from London, rather than to it.  It’s like I’m building character right before your eyes!

There’s a girl knitting on the subway today.  She can’t be much more than twenty years old.  It’s such an odd thing to see.  There must be about 20 people in this carriage, and most of them, myself included, are using some kind of electronic device.  One guy’s reading on his Kindle Fire.  Another one is playing what looks like Doom 2 on a tabled (how do people do that?  My fingers refuse to play an fps on a touch-screen).  Lots of others are listening to music and, of course, I’m writing this block of text.  She’s just sitting, legs crossed, quietly knitting what looks like a rather comfortable scarf. 

She’s got an iPhone, too, so I guess she’s not entirely not of this century, and she looks to be having an occasional thing to say to somebody via text message, but there’s something about this…this completely non-digital activity that is just staggering my brain backward. 

Lots of progress on what I’d likely call Act 2 of book 2 today.  There’s this fairly large event that happens, and I’ve been trying to figure out the details of just where everybody is at any given time.  I actually had to make a timeline for all of the characters just so I could keep it all straight.  Never done that before.  I’m actually a bit worried it’s all getting a bit too complicated, that I’m overreaching a little.  Hopefully, this doesn’t all culminate in a massive re-write, but only time will tell.

Has anybody ever found a particularly good, readable, and user-friendly way (that I can both read and write on this little laptop of mine) of putting together a timeline for a book that doesn’t involve spreadsheets?  I like Excel and all, but using it to plan out where all the characters are at any given time….it doesn’t seem quite natural.

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