Tuesday, September 3rd – Train into London

The mist.  I get it now.

I’m a pacer.  I pace.  You can tell when I’m getting excited about something, because I’ll suddenly stand up and start walking around the room.  I’ve been asked to “please sit down,” on more than one D&D night.  It’s how I know when I’m “onto something” when I’m coming up with story ideas.  If I suddenly realize that I’ve been walking around the house, talking to myself for the last twenty minutes, then the idea I’ve got must be a good one.

I usually pace when I get to the train station, first thing in the morning.  It’s a quiet, little station in a quiet, little English village in the Thames Valley, and I generally catch one of the early trains, so there aren’t a whole lot of other people clogging up the platform, and I’m free to wander backward and forward until my train shows up.

I was pacing this morning when I noticed the mist on the tracks to the West.  “Hmm, that’s interesting,” I thought, as I turned around and noted that there wasn’t any mist on the eastern tracks.  Usually, the mist, like the Force, surrounds and penetrates everything, so it was strange to see it in one direction only.  I didn’t think much else of it, so I turned on my heel and continued my pacing.

Up the platform I went, then turn…is there more mist than there was a minute ago?  I paced down the platform again, trying to figure out if I was just imagining it, or if there actually was a larger mass of white collecting on the tracks.

I turned around, walked up the platform, turned again.  Crap, there’s more of it, and it’s getting closer!  It’s an odd sensation, realising that you’re suddenly living in the lead-up scenes of a horror movie.  As I made my way down the platform again, I kept a close eye on the mist, trying to actually see it creeping closer.  I didn’t notice any such thing.  It just seemed to sit there, biding its time.

Of course, then I turned around again, paced, turned…yep, it came closer while my back was turned.  By this point, this sheet of white, which had seemed a good 1/2 mile away when I’d first spotted it, was maybe a hundred yards from me.  It was creepy.  You have to understand, I didn’t get a lot of sleep last night.  I went to bed at the usual 9pm, intent on getting up somewhere between 4 and 5 in the morning, and instead found myself up and about at 1am.  So, yeah, my paranoia might’ve been set at a slightly higher level than usual.

I never actually had to encounter the mist, as my train appeared from it and rescued me.  Still, here I am, sitting by a window, looking out the sides of the train….and completely unable to tell if there’s a huge mass of white barreling along after this train.

The mist.  Yeah, I get it now.

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