Podcasting and the Cover

Got me a new microphone now.  It says “Yeti” on it, and I’ve been convinced that it’s of fairly high quality.  Some time over the weekend, the plan is to actually sit down and figure out this whole “recording a podcast” thing.  I’ve been putting it off for two important reasons.  Reason, the first:  it’s been hot in England, and hot England means the air conditioning unit that sits outside my office has been running full-time, meaning there’s been an awful lot of non-recording-conducive background noise to deal with.  Reason number two:  I don’t know how.

The high temperature is meant to be 62 degrees Fahrenheit today, so I’ve officially lost reason number one (the first, excuse me).  I suppose that means it’s time to actually get serious about this.

Anybody out there done any podcast recording, especially the kind that has to do with narrating an audiobook?  I’ve got a whole helluva lot of online resources full of tip and tricks, of course, but there’s nothing quite like the joy of learning from other peoples’ mistakes.

 There have been some question of working out the right perspective on the characters in the cover illustration of Knight of the Flame this week, which represent a kind of problem I’ve never had to try to solve before.  Is this figure’s neck a bit too short, or is it that the waist is too narrow?  What’s the problem with this clothing, exactly?  Have I got the shadows wrong or have I fundamentally mis-understood where the light is actually coming from in this scene?  This visual art thing is really tricky, but it’s neat to find myself doing artistic things.  I even sat down on the train on the way in to work yesterday, and did a sketch of one of the characters.  It’s a bit wrong on about four levels that I can see, but I’m terribly pleased with it, anyway.

 All-in-all, I think the end-result of all of this is that I’m going to have to get a bit more personally involved in the creation of the cover art.  I recognize that this might be a truly awful idea, but the way I see it, unless I start taking an active role, I’ll never really be able to say if this “do it without paying a professional” plan can, or ever could, work.

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