Station Updates vs. Click and Clack

The District Line is slow today.  I’m not entirely sure why it’s slow, as I’m always doing something with my headphones on whenever I’m on a train and the latest updates about line issues, train breakdowns, or people jumping onto the tracks are almost always delivered over the public address speakers.  By the time I’ve noticed Mister Train Driver Man has something to say, I’ve already missed about half of the update, on most occasions.

I’ve often wondered how, or even if, deaf people manage to get around on these trains.  On my London-Oxford line, in particular, there are often issues that might make a train late, not show up, or, in the worst case, show up in the wrong order (this is particularly troublesome because you may find yourself on a conveyance that isn’t actually stopping at your station, and you won’t know it until said station is whizzing past the window), and the little LED signboards are frequently not updated, or are updated, but with the wrong information.  I get confused a lot because I’m listening to the latest Car Talk or Rooster Teeth podcast, and I don’t noticed the heavily accented voice telling me that the next train coming to the platform only has 3 coaches, rather than the usual 5, and so I’m standing in the wrong place and don’t actually stand a chance of boarding in this particular instance.

It can’t just be me, can it?

Anyway, it’s given me time to get some extra work done today.  I’ve been watching a few videos on GarageBand and getting RSS feeds made so that I can start getting the KotF podcast produced.  Had a little fun with my new microphone this week, and I’m looking forward to getting most of chapter 1 recorded over the weekend.  Today, I finally learned the difference between bit-depth and bit-rate.  It’s not actually a question I’ve ever actually asked before, but I’m going to go ahead and file it under “things I like knowing and probably should have figured out years ago, anyway”, a file which is growing by leaps and bounds

Book cover design issues are about the same as they were.  Basic design is all sorted out, but the illustration itself is going slowly, slowly.  Yeah, I’ve no excuse other than not quite knowing when to give up, which means I’ll probably soldier on with it for a few more weeks before finally admitting I need more help with it.

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