Lessons In Sound

I spent a fair amount of time over the weekend using my new microphone to do some recordings, seeing if I could find a satisfactory way of bending my voice to recording a decent first chapter.  The end result?  Well…not quite, though I’ve learned a number of things about recording something that doesn’t sound like napalm being dropped on cats.

Thing one is that finding that perfect combination of the right distance from the microphone, the right angle on the microphone, the right gains on both the mic and the recording software, and the right filters to use on the receiving end so that you manage to cut out a lot of background noise without cutting out the best frequencies of your own voice…it’s really hard, and can be more than a little frustrating..  I believe, however, I’ve found a way of doing things that I’m satisfied with, and even have a decent production line, so to speak.  Shouting goes in one end; story comes out the other.

Thing two (I feel a Dr. Seuss reference coming on) has a lot to do with sweat.  Seriously, making sure to make sure I have as quiet a recording area as possible means closing doors, shutting windows, and turning off any possible device which might even stand a chance of stirring the air.  It gets hot.  I can stand about two hours of it before I have to just stand outside for a while.

Thing three is that awful “hearing your own voice” thing.  And it is awful.  Nails on a chalkboard awful.  Cheese-grater across the face awful.  I spent a fair amount of time playing with E.Q.s and filter effects and generally trying to make myself sound less like myself and more like Morgan Freeman.  Mister Freeman, however, failed to make an appearance, and I have an awful suspicion that I’m going to just have to bite the bullet, accept that I sound how I sound, and just get on with the recording.

I suspect that I will have bitten said bullet sometime this afternoon and will be gleefully chewing on it by the time I get home from work tonight.  Maybe I’ll like the taste of bullet more than I think I will?

That came out darker than I’d thought it would…

Cover.  Yeah, it’s time to admit that I need professional help (I’m going to go ahead and leave that one alone) and see about picking the brains of artists far more talented than myself.  The two current ideas I have for finding said professionalism are with Bibliocrunch and 99designs, though I’m not particularly sold on either yet.  Anyone got any better ideas than mine?

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