A Week’s Play

Just came off a week’s vacation, during which I ended up travelling to two movie studios (Warner Brothers and Pinewood), doing a fair amount of book-related work, and otherwise just generally hanging around the house.  Is it just a function of getting older, this feeling of satisfaction I get from spending an entire day doing bugger-all?  Because it’s becoming a fairly common occurrence, and it’s beginning to cause me a bit of concern.

Standing in the locations where they filmed all the Harry Potter movies, though?  That was really, amazingly cool.  I can’t believe I live this close to the places where so many great movies were filmed.

One of the little projects I got done this week was the one where I get my podcasting studio set up.  I should be more precise here: it’s not a podcasting studio, but rather a book narration studio.  It’s also less of a “studio” than it is a “cardboard box”.

I’m actually rather proud of the design, which is so simplistic that I can’t really believe it works.  It’s not so much the box, with one side missing.  It’s not the foam that coats in the inside the box.  It’s the fact that the latter is stapled to the former.  I mean, “do it yourself” is all well and good, but there should be awards given for such incredible feats of “yeah, that’s good enough, right?”

Stick one decent mic right in the middle, turn off all the fans and computers in the room, close the door, and you’ve got yourself a nice little spot to record.  The next part has been getting this whole “punch-and-roll” concept down.  This has caused some serious consternation, but after a whole lot of toying with Audicity and Garageband (and not quite pushing the “purchase” button on Logic Pro and other none-too-cheap programs), I’ve figured out a way of quickly editing out my mistakes that I’m happy with, and without spending extra money.  Cool, right?

So, that’s the location and the software sorted out.  The only thing left is the narrator, and I have a strong suspicion he’s being a bit prissy.  I guess I can’t blame myself; I really want to do this right.  I keep recording a couple of chapters and thinking, “Yeah, that was a good take, right?”  I’m feeling, though, that such a middling reaction just isn’t good enough, that I’m not going to accept the first take until I’m quite literally blown away by it.  Maybe this week will be the one where I amaze even myself with my talent at narration?   Wish me luck.

The other really great news is that I’m starting to have a lot of fun with book 2’s prologue.  I wasn’t terribly excited about the first draft, but it’s getting to the point that I can’t wait for the moment I get to share it with people, and that’s got to be a good thing, right?

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