The Storm

The main problem with trains is that they don’t belong to you.  You, the passenger, have no say in regard to their maintenance, their operation, upgrades, or when or where they run.

Today, it’s windy in the South of England.  I mean, it’s really windy.  When I first moved to Virginia, I walked straight into category 1 Hurricane Isabelle, and the wind wasn’t this strong.  I was nearly knocked off my feet at the station twice, and actually getting inside the nice, warm, windless train is the most relaxing thing that’s happened to me so far this morning.

It turns out I’m really lucky (or unlucky, depending how you look at it), as my train line into London is one of only a handful that are running this morning.  It seems that most of the train companies around London have decided that running their carriages during the morning rush would be a bad idea and have suspended service.  I’m wondering how many people are actually going to be in the office today, other than me.

I am most definitely going to try to get this posted before I hit the Underground portion of my trip.  If I wait until I get to work to post, as I usually do, I fear I may get blown completely clear of Southwark Bridge and drown in the Thames.

The cover for Knight of the Flame made some forward progress this week.  There are enough art assets put together now that they can start getting merged into a single design, which is the plan for this week.  I have no idea how successful such an endeavour is likely to be, but it’s going to feel good to boot into Photoshop Elements again and make a little forward progress. 

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