It’s “Knight of the Flame”‘s Release Day!

It took awhile to get it all set up (and some of you may have noticed the book having popped up on Kindle a few weeks ago!), but “Knight of the Flame” is officially available everywhere it’s supposed to be.  Well, everywhere except Kobo.  I don’t know why it hasn’t arrived on the Kobo shelves yet.

So, if you’ve been waiting on getting a copy, you can now find it in paperback on Amazon.  Or, if you’re more the e-book sort, it’s on Kindle, Nook, and iBooks, with the Kobo version coming soon.  You can also download the book in any format you like at Smashwords.

If you’ve managed to get your hands on a pre-release copy, today is a great day to put up a rating or review at either Amazon or Goodreads.  Seriously, reviews and ratings are my favorite thing ever; did I mention it’s my birthday in a couple of weeks?

Enjoy the story!  Now, I’m off to figure out how to end chapter 11 of book 2…


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