The Questions A New Author Gets All The Time

There are two of them. Two questions which I get asked almost daily these days. Can you guess what they are? Yeah, I’ll bet you’re way ahead of me, likely because they’re the first two questions which immediately pop into your head when you hear of some schlub that just self-published his first book, right? Go ahead, what do you think? Be as impertinent as you like. Got them in your mind? Okay, without further ado, the questions are:

“How are the the sales of your book going?”


“How’s the sequel coming along?”

I shall endeavor to answer both questions, and in that order.

First, is the sales of “Knight of the Flame”. That one’s actually really easy because I have a handy little graph to show you:


This graph represents international the international Kindle sales. These represent the bulk of the activity of the book-buying public. Most of them come from the US, though I’ve flogged a few books to places like France, India, and Australia, too. The more observant of you will notice that there seem to be more points on the graph then there have been actual days since the release on May 12th. Well, that’s basically due to the bad planning of an inexperienced author. In an attempt to make sure the book was available on every platform I wanted to see it on by the 12th, I hit the “publish” button on Amazon waaay too soon. May 12th is right about in the middle of the graph, in fact, which was a major boost to my self-esteem. You see, every single sale in the first half of the graph was made with no advertising, no marketing, no announcement of any kind; sales were slowly, steadily rising, and the only possible reason for it was word-of-mouth. That’s pretty damned cool.

Speaking of the other platforms, when I say that Kindle makes up the majority of my sales, I mean I’ve sold a total of 4 books on other platforms. Two of them came directly from the site in the first three days of availability. The other two came from Scribd. If you don’t know about Scribd, it’s a “pay a low, monthly fee and get access to all the books on our system” kind of thing. I was a bit worried, in fact, that I might have trouble seeing actual royalties out of a system that doesn’t actually charge per book delivered, but I gotta say, it seems to work. I think I like Scribd. I may even become a member.

The second question, the one that makes me squirm a little, is a bit harder to put a definitive answer to, but it comes down to this: I’m having a little trouble making a couple of the details in the third act work out properly. It’s a question of knowing the characters are at “place A” at one stage, “place B” at another stage, and not quite being sure how they got from “A” to “B”. It makes for a very interesting little puzzle, and I’d say I’m probably about three good, long walks away from solving it. Once that’s done, I’ll be in business, and the first draft can commence in earnest. I’m comfortable saying that book 2 of the “Children of the Old War” series will be coming out by summer of next year.

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  1. TAWilliams says:

    Congrats on the sales! That has to be a great feeling and I’ll be following along. Good luck!

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