Book Two Gets a New Name

Well, it’s been awhile since the last update, so I’ll just get straight to the point, shall I?

The sequel to “Knight of the Flame” is nearing its final draft, and I’m now in the process of sending out copies to a handful of trusted reviewers.  I’m going to allow two months for feedback while I get busy working on the cover and getting some promotional bits and pieces done, after which I should only need to allow one more month for a final round of spit and polish.  I’m not quite ready to say the words “release date” yet, but if all goes well (admittedly, my estimates have been underwhelming, so far), I should be looking at sending my most recent work out into the world sometime in April.

It’s been a long time coming, I know, and the story has undergone some fairly extensive changes in the last handful of months.  In previous posts, I’ve spent a fair amount of time fretting about just how long the book was, and whether I needed to do something about that.  Well, in the end, I decided that I needed to take action, and the resulting modifications have involved taking a large part of act 3 and saving it for the next title.  The length of book 2 is now about the same as that of book 1, which is just how I wanted it.

It’s turned out quite well, in fact.  I’ve never quite been satisfied with the third act of this book, and I finally came to realize that the reason for my dissatisfaction was that the entire section of story hadn’t been fleshed-out enough, that, while it was both essential and well-formed, it was over far too quickly.  Well, now that said act is going to exist within its own jacket, I’m going to have time to put some muscle and sinew on the bare bones and turn it from something interesting into something (hopefully) special.  And the best part?  I’ve already written about half of the necessary content, so book 3 should come ‘round a lot faster than did book 2.

The biggest change, however, has been the title.  I’d originally called this bit of work “Sect of the Rounded Stone”, but, for reasons that will become clear, that particular appellation isn’t going to work any more.  I spent a month and a half trying to figure out the correct, perfect title for this new beast and, just as I had been about to give up hope and settle for something that didn’t quite work, that was good, but not exquisite, it, quite literally, came to me in a dream.

So, in about three months time, I hope you will enjoy the second entry in the “Children of the Old War” series:  “Winds of a Growing Storm”.

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