May Update

Well, we just had a nice bank holiday in the UK, and I’ve managed to get a fair amount of work done, which is a bit surprising, considering I’m also moving dozens of boxes to my new home in town.

The editing/formatting process has gone very well.  The paragraphs are all matched up with the same spacing, all the quotation marks are of the curly variety, rather than the straight ones, and there aren’t any errant hanging spaces to throw off the e-book paragraphs when it comes to setting that up.

I do need to make one last alteration before I can call it finished, though.  This one’s been bugging me for months, but I’d been hoping I could make it work without making a non-trivial change.  But, no.  It has to be done.  You see, one of the new characters in “Winds of a Growing Storm” is perfect in every way…except they’re the wrong sex.  The character works the way it is right now, but making that one, small change will make reading about them a much more fascinating experience.  Truly, it’s amazing how much difference a change like that can make, isn’t it?

That last alteration should take the rest of this week.  Then, I submit the now formatted text, has well as the cover art, to CreateSpace and order a proof.  If that proof comes back with no issues, then we can consider this book published.  Might just make it for May.

Current status:  unbelievably excited.

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