Book 2 [finally] Has a Release Date

July 4th, 2016.

I think it speaks a great deal about how long I’ve been living in the UK, and how much I’ve assimilated to its culture, that I had my pre-order date set for a whole day before I realized it was…you know…the 4th of July.

For the record, that’s the Amazon Kindle store, as well as a number of other e-book stores (Barnes & Noble, Kobo, iBooks, Scribd, etc.) with the one exception of the Google Play store.  I plan to get set with Google this week, sometime.

The bad news is that the physical book version may get delayed by a few days.  What can I say?  I can’t seem to get the cover right.  I got “Knight of the Flame’s” cover done right on the first try, but “Winds of a Growing Storm” just keeps going a bit wrong every time.  I may get it out by the 4th; I may have to delay it a bit.  Time, and the speed of International package delivery, will tell.

So, this week is all about making sure all the release stuff goes well, then it’s full-speed-ahead on book 3.  The nice thing about book 3 is that I’ve already got half of a first draft, seeing as it started life as the third act of book 2.  I’ve read through what I’ve got already a couple of times, and wow, am I excited to finish it.

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2 Responses to Book 2 [finally] Has a Release Date

  1. Jose says:

    Is that out??? Congratulations! That’s great you’ll make my holydays happier! I can’t wait to get the physical book on my hands to see how the story continues.

    • hjohnspriggs says:

      Thanks! I’m pretty thrilled to have it out, too. I just approved the final paperback version last night (LOTS of problems getting the cover right this time), so it should be showing up on Amazon any minute now.

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