“Winds of a Growing Storm” is out!

So, the Kindle (and other ebooks) version of “Winds of a Growing Storm” is out, and the paperback version is hitting the digital shelves as I write this.

I just need to clear up some bookkeeping issues with Amazon (getting the Author line right, linking the digital and paperback versions, etc.) and I’ll have the book’s first Goodreads giveaway up and running, too.  So, look out for that.  I’ll be giving away 10 signed copies this go ’round.

It’s such a relief to get something like this finished.  Thank you to everyone who’s stuck with me through all of it.

Oh, and if you’re the kind of person who likes to help out us author types?  Review the book on Amazon.  Seriously, Amazon reviews are probably the greatest tool I have for getting attention for these books, and they’re really, really hard to get.


So, on to book three, right?

Well, I’ve been going through the old copy and re-outlining it so that I can make sense of a whole thing as a story in its own right.  Two things keep popping out at me as I go over and over it:

  1.  Wow, I was really in a rush when I wrote this!  Clearly, this was written at a time when I was trying very hard to cram a whole lot of story into a single book.  The plot is there, but it’s missing so many of the fine details that really bring a tale to life.
  2. As for the plot itself?  This is some really good stuff.  Seriously, I keep having to stop myself from just re-reading the text for the sheer joy of it.  I think that has to be a really good sign, right?

The outline’s getting more complete every day.  I’m filling in details here, explaining things there, and generally dressing these bones until they star to feel alive.  I’m going to have to rewrite a lot of it, for sure.  There are a couple of scenes, for example, which worked fine when told from one character’s point of view, but which become truly wonderful when seen through somebody else’s eyes.

How long’s it going to take?  I don’t know.  The goal is to see if I can get it done in three months.  So…you know…don’t be too surprised if the blog goes quiet again for a while.

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