Updates on Book 3

Hi everybody,

Well, I definitely owe some very patient folks an update on how things are progressing for Caymus and friends.

Fear not: I haven’t quit.  I’ve slowed down and I’ve disappointed, but I’m a long way from quitting.

I don’t remember a time when life was so busy.  Since “Winds…” came out, I’ve worked for three different companies, moved twice, fallen in love, and gotten engaged.  In short, I’m living a happier and more fulfulled life than I ever could have hoped for, but it keeps getting harder and harder to find time to write.

The good news is that this chaotic life of mine is slowly becoming a bit more stable, and my writing time is gaining ground again.  Book 3 is in it’s 3rd draft, and I’m a few weeks away from properly starting in on the cover.

One of the other reasons that Book 3 is taking so long is that I’m simultaeously working on another novel…let’s call it a prequel to the series which explores some events that have only been touched on in the text so far.  Intelligent people keep telling me they wished they knew a bit more about Caymus before meeting him at the Temple, and so I’m delivering that.  I’m about half-way through the first draft, now, and it’s gaining a good head of steam, now.  I’m getting to the point that I’m beginning to turn this writing sideline of mine into a proper, full-time vocation, so I might end up releasing this book as a free promotional work (the way us self-published types do)…though I’m not yet certain of that, so I’ll keep you posted.

So, when will Book 3 be out?  Well, I’m trying very hard to have it to you by the time the leaves are changing color in the northern hemisphere, but I think we all know by now that I’m pretty bad at estimates.  Be certain, though, that I’m doing my best; these things just take time, especially when the author hasn’t managed to make this his full-time gig yet.

Thanks for your patience, everybody.  And thanks to the people who’ve written to ask for this update.

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