Winds of a Growing Storm

We’re still alive.

The terrible army of the Sograve—the nigh-indestructible force that destroyed so many lives on its rampage through the world—has been stopped, somehow, at Kepren, and the people of Tebria can finally take a breath and rebuild their broken lives.

Caymus, the young disciple of the Conflagration who conquered terrible odds to take up the mantle of the Knight of the Flame, knows, however, that the war isn’t over.  The alien element still holds the cities of the North, and krealite forces have been sighted throughout the land.  Now, Caymus and his companions must discover the invaders’ plans, must understand, must fight, so that he can cast it out their world.

Of course, there is another question that needs answering, one which fills the hearts of even the bravest souls with worry and dread:  Caymus isn’t meant to fight the Sograve alone; where are the other Knights?

“Winds of a Growing Storm”, book 2 of the Children of the Old War series, is coming out on July 4, 2016.  Look for it on Amazon (paperback and Kindle), iBooks, Kobo, and Nook.

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